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Backflow 101: The What, Where, and Why of Backflow Prevention 

Each year in the State of Washington thousands of backflow preventers are either installed, repaired, or replaced. Yet as common as the devices are many people don't know what a backflow preventer is much less what it does. In each of those instances, an annual test and report are filed with the water provider verifying the device is functioning properly If the test is not performed in a timely fashion your water provider can decide to discontinue your water service until your device is tested.  

What is a Backflow Assembly?

A backflow prevention assembly is a mechanism to prevent any liquids, gases, or any other contaminants to flow in the reverse direction creating the potential for hazardous material enters the drinking water supply.  For a homeowner, the backflow device is usually installed on the sprinkler system. For commercial installations, backflow preventers can be found on fire suppression systems, irrigation systems, medical/dental offices, car washes, and even fountain drink machines. Any location where chemicals, pesticides, or other substances are used and there is a direct connection to the drinking water system the device is subject to the annual backflow test requirement.

Where Do I Find Out if I Have a Device to Test?

If you've received a letter from your water supplier then you have a backflow assembly registered with them for annual testing. To find it the backflow prevention assembly must be installed between the water meter and the first connection off your main water line. If you don't know what a backflow prevention assembly looks like or are unsure, call us at (360) 600-3273 and we can help you locate your device.

Why Do I Need My Device Tested?

Backflow devices break or wear out, just like the parts of a car. The State of Washington requires each water supplier to have a program in place called a "Cross Connection Control" plan. This program oversees the safety of our drinking water supply.  Making sure each backflow prevention device is in place and functioning properly is a critical element of and cross-connection control program. 


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